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Presentations & Lectures

2022      - Media Priestess Arts. Presentation at Eutopia Gathering (Nafpaktos Mountains),


2017      - Cinema & the Occult. Lecture at Kipos Seminaria, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2015      - Entheogeneia & Esotericism: From Pre-historty to Today. Multimedia lecture                      at Empros Theatre, Athens, Greece.

             - Technognosis, Participation & the Return of the Feminine. Lecture at Vedava's

   "           and Gatekeeper's 5-day event "Technognosis: Art, Media and Psychedelic

                event, IT the Place, Athens, Greece.

2014      - Participating in the Divine Mysteries: Psytrance Festivals as Gnostic Experiences.

               Lecture performance at Boom Festival, Portugal.

             - Technognosis. Visionary lecture at Entheogenic arts and culture festival at Multi,

                Thessaloniki, Greece. 

2013      - The Stage of Psytrance Culture as the Stage of Intermediality. Lecture at

               Synthesis: Esotericism and the Sciences, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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