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Moon Nectar Temple

Moon Nectar Temple in Thessaloniki
Moon Nectar Temple in Thessaloniki

Unlocking the body through fusion belly dance, yoga and ceremony.
Embodying the alchemy of the Nectar.

Moon Nectar Temple in Thessaloniki

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Moon Nectar Tribe

Moon Nectar Tribe is a dance group born out of Moon Nectar Temple in Thessaloniki. Through improvisational American Tribal Style and tribal fusion bellydance they embody and express the primordial and universal energy pathways and geometries that flow coherenty with the movements of the Earth, the Moon and of the Stars.


Maro Vedava & Barbieria

Since the summer of 2022 they started performing with the band Midnight Shaman.
Eutopia Gathering 2022, Psymbosium Festival 2022, Home Alive 2023, Midnight Shaman live at Spacelab 2023, Οικογιορτή 2023.

Moon Nectar Tribe Logo.png

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