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Ved' ava, like the gorgon, the mythical Mother of Waters.



 Hi! I am Maro Vedava (Maro Pantazi), a contemporary media priestess of the Goddess, fusion belly dance and yoga instructor, and visionary researcher (Psyence Vedava).

I live in Thessaloniki, Greece.

I initially studied film-making in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and then completed my research master studies in the field of media & performance at Utrecht's University, parallel to studying western esotericism in the University of Amsterdam. Through my interdisciplinary studies I developed the concept of Technognosis (published in 2015) and later wrote "The Dance of Aurora: Media Priestesses and Auric Fields" (published in 2022).

In 2012 I was initiated by the Universe into the mysteries of the great Mother. Since then, art and feminine spirituality became the guiding light in my life.

Between 2013 and 2016 I produced two exhibition series the Participatory Visions visionary art exhibition and the Earthereal mixed media (photo+paint on wood) exhibition, in collaboration with Achilleas Gatekeeper. I have co-organized spiritual and psychedelic art events, giving presentations and showcasing my mystic visuals in Athens and Thessaloniki. In 2016 I attended my first yoga teacher training program, parallel to committing to studying by myself through online videos tribal fusion belly dance. I got involved with dance at a very young age, having studied classical ballet for over than 10 years, modern and contemporary dance, tango argentino and traditional greek dances. In 2020 I did the priestess apprentice training by Heather Strobe and in 2023 I completed the Advanced Yoga 500h Teacher Training in Anahata Yoga Academy.

In 2021 I opened the first Goddess Temple in Thessaloniki, the Moon Nectar Temple, where I teach fusion belly dance and yoga while producing media priestess arts, occasionally writing, and organizing or participating in different artistic and spiritual events.

Thank you for visiting!

Blessings, Love and Light!


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